Since 2007, the American company “Apple” has launched more than 15 varieties in the generation of “iPhone” phones, as it prepares to unveil its new device “iPhone 16” next September.

Creative Block website said that the new leaks indicate that the battery and camera in the new phone will undergo a”comprehensive change.”

The source added that the widespread reports reveal that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will have a larger main camera sensor, while the iPhone 16 Pro model will include a 48-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera for the first time.

“This will be a sensor – Pro Max – based on the Sony IMX903 advanced sensor with a resolution of 48 megapixels.”

The site also highlighted that one of the widespread leaks states that iPhone 16 cameras will come with a new design with vertically stacked lenses, which will enhance the capabilities of “spatial video recording.”

At the same time, it is also rumored that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature a “super” telephoto zoom, increasing the focal length of the lens from 77 mm to 300 mm.

“Large zoom capabilities can be a boon for creative photographers,” the source explained.