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Zip File Reader – Zip and Unzip Tool – RAR Reader –  Unarchive – Zip File opener for Android

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Zip File Reader – Zip and Unzip Tool – RAR Reader –  Unarchive – Zip File opener for Android

Zip File Reader is a file compressor and also a zip file opener that works on the extraction and compressing of files. File compressor to Compress all your documents with the most useful application known as Zip unzip tool unarchive tool & zip file opener.





File Zip :
File Zip & Unzip App allows you compress all documents with one click and shrink their size on disk. Zip all your larger files and reduce their size.

File Unzip :
File Zip & Unzip App allows you to Unzip any file making this way to share. All files compressor can unzip your files your compressed files with one click.

Easy To Share :
Unzip File Extractor or Unzip Files App Zip & Unzip or Rar and Unrar Files making is easy to share.

Supports all Files :
Can Zip/Unzip TXT, DOC,XML,PDF,PPT,XLSX,MP3, MP4 files.

Unzip on Specific Location :
You can Unzip or Unrar any file in a specific location making it easy to look for.

Filter & Multiple Zip :
You can search file by selecting specific category and also Zip multiple files with one click.

Manage Files Efficiently :
This app helps to manage files efficiently.


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